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2019 Conference Information

On June 1 our 2019 sponsor sign up will be posted here.
FYI - Sponsor Rate Increase Notice for 2019. The Board has approved an increase in the 2019 conference year sponsorship rates with Gold sponsorship moving to $4000, Platinum sponsorship moving to $8000, and the Diamond sponsorship moving to $15,000. This is the first increase in sponsorship fees since the 2008 conference. Our costs to put on the annual conference have increased over 50% in that time. The Board understands this is a significant increase. Our projections indicate with this added revenue, ACPE's financial condition improves in two important ways. First, ACPE's declining end of year fund balance is reversed. Secondly, the Board expects this increase to be adequate for the next 5-7 years creating long term financial stability and lower rate increases in the future. The Board also increased membership conference rates by 20%.

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