Sponsor Guide

Current Information for 2020 Sponsorships and the 2021 contact list.

2020 Sponsorships are sold out.
However, there's still a chance to get a spot. Fill out the sponsorship sign up form at https://forms.gle/3zDyhrnCPLXSX63W9 form if you want to be added to the waiting list. There is no cost to get on the waiting list and your company remains on our contact list for sponsoring and attending the 2021 conference. 

The Board will not be acting on the 2020 sponsor waiting list until March 8. We will not have any further information until then. Those on the waiting list will get an email confirming they are still interested in a 2020 sponsorship in February. And, for those wondering, there is no other way for vendors to attend an ACPE conference other than having a sponsorship.

The first update for our current 2020 sponsors. 
This information was also sent via email on December 1 to our sponsor contact list. if you should have received this information and did not, please let us know by emailing jb@acpenw.org.
  1. We have just now opened the sponsors' proposal form for the ten slots we have for Sponsor (vendor) presentations at the conference. You can read about the process and then submit a proposal at http://sponsors.acpenw.org/proposals. It is very competitive, and we prefer not seeing "canned" or copy and pasted marketing pitches — just an FYI.
  2. There is a long waiting list of vendors who would like to sponsor. A few of you receiving this message are also receiving a final invoice notice today. We agreed only hold your spot until December 7. If we haven't received the deposit payment by then, your place will be given away to net in line on the waiting list. If you aren't sure, reply and ask, and I'll let you know your payment status.
  3. The sponsor page for 2020 is at https://acpenw.sched.com/directory/sponsors
    1. To add your logo, in an email send SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, & DXF or, PNG. These are square and are best utilized with a 640x640 graphic. Long narrow graphics will reduce your visibility on the page and are not suggested.
    2. With the logo, please send the link you want us to direct people to when they visit your sponsor page.
    3. Later, we will request updates to addresses, phone numbers, and contacts to add. For now, you can only have one email address listed. That email is the contact I currently have on file. I can change that if you let me know what one email address you'd like.
  4. The theme is Secure IT! 
    1. Please keep this in mind when you submit proposals, it will make a difference if your proposal effectively addresses that theme.
    2. Our conference will be dressed and have activities based on the James Bond character. So, please join in. It will be fun!
  5. Booth selection for Gold and Platinum Sponsors will be covered in another email in February. Diamond Sponsors are already placed based on last year's placements. Gold and Platinum Sponsors can have a look at the maps from last year to begin thinking about where you'd like to be once booth selection begins. Remember, your choice is based on when you signed up. First, to sign up and pay a deposit is the first to select.
    1. The 2019 Gold Map is here: https://events.acpenw.org/acpe-2019/Gold-Sponsors-Showcase
    2. The 2019 platinum map is here https://events.acpenw.org/acpe-2019/Platinum-Sponsors-Showcase
    3. If you have a special request or question regarding the booth selections, reply to this email.
There will be more information coming in January.

Save the Date
May 6-8, 2020 | MT Hood Oregon Resort | Welches, OR

Email jb@acpenw.org for information or messages.