Sponsorship at ACPE is much more than marketing your products and services

An ACPE sponsorship is so much more than attending a trade show. It's about building relationships, engaging in deep new conversations and networking throughout the Pacific Northwest with those who can make decisions. We want our sponsors to fully participate in our conference and stay connected with our members. ACPE is using the event to bridge the gaps between key decision makers and those who provide products and services. The ACPE Board builds the annual conference and its program of activities, sessions and events in a very intentional manner, so our sponsors can begin to build long-lasting relationships with our members or deepen existing ones. 

For sponsors to fully realize this incredible benefit, you must do more than staff a booth; you must engage in the conference's activities, events and sessions for all three days. All of these aspects of our conference are essential to your success. Yes, you must actually attend the conference! If you come with the intent to just "sell" your products, you will be disappointed. But If you come prepared to have meaningful conversations and listen to our membership over the three days, sponsorship will yield huge benefits for you. 

Becoming a Sponsor

Vendors may participate in ACPE through conference sponsorship. Once a vendor has fulfilled all the requirements for participation, they will become a sponsor for the conference. The sponsors selected to participate in the ACPE conference are asked to focus on learning from the membership. This can be accomplished only by attending all events and sessions. It is through this engagement that sponsors will learn what issues, problems and solutions K-12 school districts are seeking to support technology in their schools. All sponsors are encouraged to demonstrate and share their goods and services at the Sponsor Showcases on Wednesday (Gold/Platinum/Diamond) and Thursday nights (Platinum/Diamond).

Depending on level of sponsorship, opportunities for exposure, recognition and discussion with attendees will vary. Conference sponsorship is intended to include related needs, including meals and beverages, some lodging for vendor representative(s) and more (see the Benefits page of this guide). This fully inclusive sponsorship by levels eliminates "nickel-and-diming" for additional costs (e.g. lodging, on-site food, etc.) so sponsors can focus on delivery of products, the presentation of their showcase, having engaging conversations, networking and building relationships.

Getting Selected

Sponsors attending the annual ACPE conference are invited to represent the goods and services their company offers the K-12 educational environment. Since we strive to connect the right sponsors with our membership needs, the sponsors that attend each year are a changing group. Sponsors that have been selected may choose one of three sponsor levels, which offer different benefits, from formal presentation time to booth location. Sponsors of the last conference have an early opt-in option. 

Becoming a sponsor requires completion of an application and evaluation and fulfillment of a deposit. It is the desire of the ACPE Board to give all sponsors satisfactory locations and opportunities to interface with our membership. However, the Board reserves the right to monitor and adjust the sponsors' participation based on the needs and desires of the ACPE membership. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to know and understand ALL timeline requirements.

The Basic Information You Need to Know to Proceed
  • Sponsors are required to review all of the information on this site before signing up. 
    • This is our contact represents the terms of agreement. Print this website if you need a written contact.
    • It is the sponsor's responsibility to know the benefits assigned to their level as posted on this website.
    • You will be asked to verify your understanding all of the information posted when you sign up.
  • A non-refundable deposit must be paid within 30 days of receiving your first invoice. 
    • All deposits are $1,500 regardless of level
    • Any outstanding balance is invoiced on February 1 and due no later than March 1.
      • No refunds after February 1.
  • There are three levels, Gold ($3,300), Platinum ($5,500) and Diamond ($11,000).
  • Timelines communicated for logistics and payments must be met to receive all your benefits.
  • New vendors to the conference are vetted by the Board.
    •  If you sign up as a new vendor, the ACPE Board will look at your products or services and determine the next steps. 
    • If approved, your deposit will be processed. If disapproved, your deposit will be returned. 
  • Sponsorship rate will increase for the May 2019 event. Those amounts are yet to be determined.
  • Placement for the Sponsor Showcase area is determined by the Board.
    • To assist the Board in these placements, we will ask what your prefer and those preferences are prioritized by first fully paid, first to select.
  • ACPE's Executive Director will inform each sponsor of their placement by April 1.
  • We will keep a first come first served waiting list if the level you want is full.
  • A list of attendees will be provided once one week before the conference and once one week after. 
  • Your team's attendees must be registered by April 30 to use the free registrations that come with sponsorship.
  • Sponsors CAN NOT give any products of value (over $50) directly to attendees. 
    • If you do have products to give away, ACPE accepts donations that will be randomly given away to its members.
    • Let us know when you register whether you have any donations to ACPE for our prize giveaway.
Contact Us

Email the Executive Director at jb@acpenw.org.