Lodging at the Resort is a Diamond Only Benefit

The resort is pre-reserved for our members. There are no hotel rooms available at the Resort for sponsors with a limited exception as part of the Diamond sponsors' benefits. Please do not call the resort and request a room. You will be told it is full. And if you happen to get a reservation by mistake, it will be cancelled.
  • Diamond Sponsors Receive Limited Housing Benefits
    • One hotel units and one vacation rental for three nights within walking distance to the event that provide enough beds, not rooms, for 4 individuals.
    • ACPE pays for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights of the conference.
  • Platinum and Gold Sponsors do not receive any housing benefits.
    • No lodging is provided
      • Securing lodging is these sponsors responsibility.
    • We recommend reserving as soon as possible.
    • ACPE cannot provide any assistance in securing rentals due to legal and liability issues.
Housing Options in the Welches Area to Consider - Please book early!
The conference is held in a very small mountain resort, The Resort at the Mountain, near Mount Hood. Space is tight. Therefore, the Resort's rooms are held for educational organization attendees only and are all booked after the first few days of member registration in early February. There are many other convenient rooming options are listed below. 

You should reserve a room by April 1 or it gets very difficult to find anything closer than Sandy's Best Western.

Vacation Rentals (Many within two miles)
Hotel Style Lodging within a 30 minute drive