Prize Donations

The Ice Cream Social, Prizes and the Process

Can we give away prizes during the conference?
The short answer is: Of course, small items and usual conference swag to be given away at exhibit booths is fine. 

For items valued at $50 or more, we want to protect and shield both our sponsors and our school district employees from the state, federal and E-Rate "gifting" laws. The long answer is there are only one time and place for those giveaways: at our Ice Cream Social, which closes the conference on Friday afternoon. Please read on to understand the process that must be followed, and how you can benefit! 

ACPE is known for its prizes and giveaways. 
Part of your sponsorship investment goes to buy some pretty amazing stuff. Because we are a professional association and conference attendees are members, we do not have state, federal or E-Rate issues with prize giveaways that we ourselves conduct. And that is very important for our sponsors to understand. 

Each year, we have an amazing conference-ending event called the Ice Cream Social. 
All prizes from our sponsors are collected as donations to ACPE and given away at this time. This is the prize event you want your company to be a part of. Your company is announced to the entire membership as the donor before the giveaway, gaining goodwill, publicity, and great exposure!

You decide how a prize will be awarded to our membership, and we will make that happen. 
Simply fill out the form at This gives us details regarding the prize and how you want it given away. You can provide us with a named winner or a fishbowl of cards from your booth to draw from, or simply allow us to randomly give it away. But we need to give it away at this event to protect everyone, and we must have a record of the donation.

Technically, you are donating the prize to ACPE, and we are giving it away to our members. 
This protects everyone and makes for a fun final event at the conference, where sponsors who provide prizes get a big round of applause and considerable publicity. 

ACPE does not want our sponsors or members to run afoul of any gifting laws.
This is why no other prize giveaways of items valued at $50 or more are permitted during the conference. Please help us protect everyone by following our rules and process. Thank you!