Sponsor Registration

Registration for Sponsors opens on April 1 and ends on April 30. 
Getting everyone registered as soon as practical is very important. As soon as your staff is registered, they can start to receive the conference news and information we send to all attendees. This helps everyone understand the working of the conference and improves everyone's experience. And, there is no way to register at the conference using one of your free sponsor registrations.

Important Notices: 
  • Last day to get your free sponsor registrations completed is April 30.
  • There will be no sponsor registrations at the conference! 
  • The only option at that time will be our corporate attendee option which costs $500 a day or $1,500 for the three days. 
  • So it's very important to get your team registered as early as possible.
The Registration Process
  • A URL and instructions will be provided on April 1.
  • Substitutions are easy to manage yourselves through this system
  • ACPE allows sponsors to "Badge Share" meaning one badge can be used by more than one person. But only one person can be onsite at a time.
  • If you stay within your free registration limits, then you will not be charged anything extra. 
  • Any registrants beyond each sponsor's free limit will be invoiced and required to pay individually through the registration system. 
Additional registration limits will be strictly enforced. 
  • Each additional registration allowed is $500 and is for all three days.
  • Any registrant beyond the additional registration limits of your sponsorship will be cancelled. 
  • Staff can share badges as a means to get more staff to the event
  • Every person in attendance at all functions MUST always have a badge.
  • Those without a badge will be asked to leave and will not be served food or drinks.
Registration Limits 
  • Gold sponsors receive two free registrations and are allowed one additional at $500 each. 
  • Platinum sponsors receive three free registrations and are allowed two additional at $500 each.
  • Diamond sponsors receive four free registrations and are allowed four additional at $500 each.
There are no one-day options since this is already a huge discount and a great deal.

Why are there limits?
Keep in mind, the Resort is just not big enough for an unlimited number of people. Therefore, the Board has decided to impose these limits on additional registrations in an effort to preserve the exceptional experience for both members and sponsors as well as maintaining the collegial and intimate nature of our conference. We believe a smaller presence by vendors is actually better for our sponsors and our members. So please be thoughtful!