Location: MT Hood Oregon Resort, Welches, OR
Dates: May 6-8, 2020

Mt Hood Oregon Resort
Attn: <Sponsor, Level, & Booth Location> REQUIRED
68010 E. Fairway Avenue 
Welches, OR 97067

Incoming Packages
  • Do not have packages arrive before April 21. 
    • The Resort has very limited storage space and may not be able to accept them.
  • Packages must be delivered to the Resort by May 1 to be available for the conference.
  • Have your tracking numbers available if there are any questions that arise.
  • Please label all packages with the name of your company, booth number, and on-site contact. 
  • Vendor packages will be delivered to the booths on Wednesday after 1 pm if they are labeled correctly.
    • Those not labeled correctly will be held until all others have been delivered.
  • Booth set up will begin Wednesday at 1 PM and must be completed by 5 PM. 
    • Be patient because we can't deliver all of these packages at the same time!
  • All packages must be signed for by a representative of the company receiving the package. 
Outgoing Packages
  • Package everything as soon as you can at the conclusion of the conference showcases. 
  • Gold can start tearing down Wednesday after 8 PM and must be done by 10 PM. 
  • Platinum and Diamond can start tearing down Thursday after 10 PM on Thursday and have until Friday morning at 10 AM to have packages ready to go.
  • All outgoing packages to be shipped by The Resort must have labels filled out and must be delivered to the shipping department. 
    • Please do not leave packages in your booth, as The Resort will not be responsible for missing items if they have not been delivered to the shipping department. 
Shipping and receiving Contact information

Dru Quattlebaum