Location: MT Hood Oregon Resort, Welches, OR
Dates: May 6-8, 2020

May - October
  • All ACPE sponsor contacts are notified by the end of May with a link to sign up for the next annual conference.
  • Sponsors of last year's conference can secure sponsorship at last year's rates by paying their deposit before October 31.
  • Sponsorship rates are set each year on November 1.
  • Based on our past history, we will sell out of sponsorship before the end of October
November - December 
  • The Board begins contacting other potential sponsors to offer any remaining spaces. 
  • Sponsor benefits begin, starting with the recognition of sponsors in all e-mails to ACPE members regarding the upcoming conference. 
  • Sponsors' logos and links are displayed on the conference website as soon as it is activated in mid-January. 
  • Diamond Sponsors' logos are displayed on the homepage of the conference website. 
  • After January 15, sponsors' logos and links are displayed on the conference website; Diamond Sponsors' logos are displayed on the homepage of both websites.
December - January
  • Instructions on submitting a proposal to sponsor pre-conference sessions are emailed to sponsors by December 1. 
    • The deadline for submissions is April 1. (extended 30 day for 2019)
    • The Board reviews the proposals and announces those selected by April 15. 
    • The process is very competitive and we only offer 10-15 presentations depending on our schedule. 
    • The higher your sponsorship level, the greater the weight, in points, you will have in the rubric. 
    • School district participation, although not required, is weighted heaviest in the rubric. 
    • A proposal without a school district involved in the presentation is unlikely to be selected. 
  • Sponsors receive two or more updates.
February - March
  • Conference registration opens for school district participants and corporate attendees. 
    • We expect all of these registrations to sell out by March 1. 
  • Sponsors register sometime after March 15 and April 1. 
  • The pre-conference session sponsor application closes April 1. 
  • Sponsors receive two or more updates.
  • The ACPE Board reviews the proposals and announces the sponsor pre-conference sessions on or before April 15. Sponsors who are selected will be emailed with the details, times and meeting rooms.
  • Sponsors personnel attending the conference using the free registrations offered as a part of your sponsorship must be registered before May 1. 
  • Those registering after May 1 are charged $500. Without registration, your staff members will not receive a badge and cannot attend the event, so this is very important!
  • Materials can be shipped to The Resort at the Mountain as long as the materials arrive after April 21.
  • The Booth map is not completed by the Board until they meet in April. 
    • Once this map is finalized, sponsors will be notified and asked to make 5 selections. 
    • The placement is based on two factors. 
      • The date the sponsor signed up and, 
      • The sponsor has paid in full
  • Sponsors receive two or more updates
April 30
  • We encourage early-bird badge pickup in the hotel lobby Tuesday, April 30 from 4 to 7 p.m. 
  • This is the last chance for Vendor staff to register without being charged for registering late.
  • Badges are required to participate in all activities including Wednesday morning networking.
May 1
  • Sponsor badges are provided at the sponsor desk in the hotel lobby starting at 7:30 a.m. 
  • Vendor staff has not registered will be required to wait until we process members and sponsors who have registered.
  • Sponsors can begin booth set-up between 3 and 5 p.m. on May 1.