We communicate regularly through through our sponsor guide site and email list. 
Those messages will be posted here as a record of our communications.

 If you are a sponsor and not receiving these updates via email, send jb@acpenw.org a message to have you added.

Sign up for 2018 is now open at this URL: https://goo.gl/forms/bh2GOS1ba5SVwzl72

Notice: The ACPE Board is informing all prospective sponsors ahead of time that ACPE will be increasing the cost to sponsor in 2019. ACPE hasn't changed any of our revenue models for over 7 years and we need to address our increasing costs before they become a larger problem. The amount of increase is still being determined. Thanks for your understanding when this happens for 2019 ACPE sponsorships.

Sponsor Update April 10, 2017: Booths Assignments, Sessions, Registration, Shipping and Theme


Well we are into the final stretch in our preparations for the May 3-5 ACPE conference. I wanted to let you know a few details at this point and there will be more coming over the next 3 Mondays.

  • First, the Board has placed and approved all sponsorship booth placements here. As usual, we tried and fulfill requests the best we can. As those who have been to an ACPE event know, there really isn't a bad spot. It's all good! You can review the map on the conference website here: https://events.blufish.me/acpe-adapt-it/Maps.
  • Next, the schedule is now finalized and posted here: https://events.blufish.me/acpe-adapt-it/sessions. We have 10 sponsor pre-conference session that were approved and they are all on Wednesday from 1:45 p.m. to 4 p.m. Those who were NOT selected have been notified.
  • Please get your staff registered as soon as possible (see instructions at the end of this email). Staff can not register onsite. Everyone must be registered before May 2 or risk not being allowed to attend. We are sold out!
  • The theme this year is Adapt IT. Basically, the concept is how do we adjust what we do from where we are and plan to go. Simply put, making a vision the reality through constant changes and adaptions. We thought about this and felt the theme hearkened back to the heady days of change and evolution, the 60's! Both early and late 60's to be exact. So, go with it and have fun.
  • Finally, our sponsor page is here: https://events.blufish.me/acpe-adapt-it/sponsors. You will need to be sure any ad blocking software on your browser is turned off or you white list the site. It basically thinks this page is one giant ad ;)
That's plenty to chew on for now. Much more to come. 

Emailed to all Sponsor Contacts on File on March 27, 2017

2017 Sponsor Update 6: Sponsor Registration, Shipping Details, Booth Assignments and Sponsor Pre-conference Selections

To all my current sponsor contacts,

The Registration Process for Sponsors

Use the link below to access our registration page. Scroll down and select the sponsor registration option which will require a code. JB provides this code in the email and not here. If you need it, email jb@acoenw.org.

Staff can be registered by one person all at once or each person can register themselves with this information. Each registrants will be asked who the ACPE sponsor is they are registering with and MUST enter a valid sponsor name. So, if you are using one of your registrations for a person who works for another company, this is an important detail. 

It is crucial each registration has the individual registered correct email address. All conference communications to all registrants goes to that email used during the registration process.

Sponsor’s staff are not charged for registrations unless they register more than their sponsorship allotment as long as the sponsor’s staff uses the code provide BEFORE May 1. After May 1, all sponsor staff will be charged $500 to register. Gold sponsors receive 2 free registrations and are allowed 1 extra at $500. Platinum sponsors receive 3 free registrations and 2 extra at $500 each. Diamond sponsors receive 4 free registrations and 4 extra at $500. Once your sponsorship quota has been reached, you will be notified and invoiced accordingly if you exceeded your free limit. 

If the additional staff registered are within the extra registration allowances, THE PERSON registered will be invoiced directly and must make the payment or send the invoice onto someone who will BEFORE May 1 and will prevent that person from attending when they they arrive until payment is made.

See the Sponsor Guide benefits page for details and allowances.

Shipping Details and Information

Ship to Address

The Resort at the Mountain
Attn: <Sponsor, Level, & Location>
68010 E. Fairway Avenue 
Welches, OR 97067

Incoming Packages
  • Do not have packages arrive before April 21. The Resort has very limited storage space.
  • Please label all packages with the name of your company and on-site contact.
  • List the booth location: Mallards (Platinum and Diamond) or Cascade Ballroom (Gold). 
  •  This will assist our shipping department with proper placement of your packages prior to your arrival. 
  • All vendor packages will be delivered to the booths on Wednesday after 12 noon.
  • Booth set up will begin Wednesday at 2 PM and must be completed before 5 PM.
  • If a specific delivery time is needed, please contact shipping and receiving in advance
Shipping and receiving Contact information

Jenna Svela

Booth Assignments and Sponsor Pre-Conference Session Selections

The Board is meeting next weekend to finalize both the booth placements based your input and submissions received to date. Both of these will be posted and announce to our members in an email to be sent onon April 8. That is the earliest you will have those pieces of information. So, stay tuned!

Emailed to all Sponsor Contacts on File on March 8, 2017

2017 Sponsor Update 5

To all sponsors, Three very important items....

1. Booth Placements/Requests.We have some newly arranged booth layouts made for 2017. (They are posted on our maps page: https://events.blufish.me/#!/acpe-adapt-it/Maps) Diamonds have been placed by the Board and Sponsor request on sign up.

Gold and Platinum Sponsors Must Make Requests at this Time. Because all the booth numbers have changed for the Platinum and Gold Showcases, we need you to reply to this email with your 5 top booth choices in order. Remember, the first to sign up gets priority and you may not get any of your selections in this first round. I will do my best to accommodate everyone. if there's a company you'd rather not be next to, let me know. That could mean you'd get a lower choice.

2. Lodging Option in the Area.The conference is sold out.This means we have no room for any more of our members to sign up at this time. It also means that you will definitely see everyone who's anyone in K-12  IT at the conference this year. The list of attendees will be sent out to you one week before the event as is the Board's wish.

But this also means that getting a room anywhere in the area is getting tough. If you do not have a room, you need to start looking. The Resort is completely booked with our members so please do not call them. 

---------> Help in getting accommodations near the Resort is posted here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/lodging <------------

IMPORTANT: Gold and Platinum sponsors have no lodging reserved and must make their own arrangements. (This is a change in the Platinum benefit this year.)

Reminder: Diamond Sponsors get two suites/condos that are on (or very close) to the Resort for Wednesday and Thursday nights only. Tuesday night can be added if requested at the nightly room rate plus tax.

3. Registration. Registration for Sponsors will officially open on Monday, March 27. Sponsor staff attending the event must be registered before May 1.  
There's no rush since you all have been allotted a predetermined number of registrations. Gold gets two free and can only one extra at a cost of $500. Platinum gets 3 free and can add two extra at a cost of $500 each. Diamond gets 4 free and can add four extra at a cost of $500. 

These are strict limits because this year will be very crowded and we want to be sure our members come first which helps you see and connect with them more times throughout the three days. We do allow for badge sharing which can help if you are outside your limit. 

Emailed to all Sponsor Contacts on File on February 24, 2017

2017 Sponsor Update 4: If you missed any of the past updates they are catalogued here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/updates

I will update you all on a few things that start to come to everyone's mind about now. There are a lot of logistics that I could send out but these are the one's I feel are most important at this time. All this information and just about every answer to any question I get is at the sponsor guide site here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org

For now keep the following in mind:
  • Every sponsor's personnel coming to the event must register before May 1. 
  • The registration process will begin on April 1.
    •  I will send out detailed instructions at that time.
  • I'm starting to get questions about shipping, all the information you need is here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/shipping-info
  • This year we are changing the booth arrangement a little for the showcases. 
    • This is delaying the Board making final decisions. 
    • We will have the booth placement map posted on April 8. 
    • You will get a chance to re-select your spot by March 15. 
      • Remember it's first signed up gets first choice. 
      • Those who signed up later will have a very limited selection.
And finally and probably most importantly is the lodging situation. I have given plenty of fair warning and it's clearly stated in the sponsor guide. There are no rooms available at the Resort. It is completely sold out each year to our members.

Gold and Platinum sponsors are on their own to find lodging. For Platinum this is a new wrinkle since we have offered a housing benefit in the past. This is not the case this year. Please use this link, http://sponsors.acpenw.org/lodging, to read about lodging in the area and secure yours as soon as possible if you haven't already. 

Diamond Sponsors do receive the same housing benefits they have had in the past. But they too may need to secure additional housing if what we offer is not enough. So please read the details here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/lodging.

Emailed January 16, 2017: As Sponsor Update 3 in the subject line

As a benefit of sponsoring ACPE for 2017, your company has a logo listed on our 2017 Sponsor page. 

Our 2017 Sponsors page is here: https://events.blufish.me/#!/acpe-adapt-it/sponsors

Click on your logo and you will see a single webpage that provides our membership your company's contact information and a fully customizable web page below. Currently, all these webpages for all sponsors say: 

"Stay tuned... As a 2017 ACPE sponsor, we are actively supporting ACPE and it's members. Soon, we will be posting our links, special messages and surprises in store for the ACPE membership and the annual conference, Adapt IT, May 3-5, 2017.  Contact us using the information on this page and be sure to mention you are an ACPE member."

If you want this to be different, special and stand out, keep reading.

Keep in mind, we do send this link out to our members at least once a month all year long. We mention these are the vendors that supported us this year and are attending or attended our conference. If you have any messages that are specifically directed at ACPE members and their school districts, this is the place to post them.

Now is the time for us to correct any information that may be incorrect or you want to update from the information provided when you signed up. Plus, if you provide us with anything that can be posted as a webpage (html code) or link to any resources for our members, we will make that happen.

It's easy to do both those things mentioned above. Just reply all to this email and Brandon (the guy who makes the web magic happen) will do that for you. 

And in the future, he will also send out instructions on how you can do this for yourself at any time throughout the year. Let us, Brandon and I, know if you have any questions.

January Update: Important information and dates (also emailed on January 14)
  • Sponsor preconference partner proposals were opened on December 1 and will close on March 1. 
    • Link to apply for the 10 sessions: http://goo.gl/forms/OG6E2TFY1P
    • Those selected will be notified by April 10. Those not selected will not be notified.
  • Notices for any balance due for sponsorships went out to the person identified as the one paying on January 3.
    • Balances due for your sponsorship is February 1 and become past due on March 1. If not received by March 1, you may lose your spot to someone on our waiting list.
  • Instructions for your free registration for sponsorships is sent on April 1. Do not register earlier or you will be charged.
  • Booth locations, maps of the venue and the final published scheduled will not be posted/announced until the week of April 10. Please be patient.
  • Detailed shipping instructions will be emailed after April 15. Nothing should arrive at the Resort before Friday, April 28.
  • Gold and Platinum Sponsors are responsible for finding their all of their own lodging and making their own reservations. Use this information below to assist you. Neither ACPEnw or the Resort has any other information or assistance.  ACPEnw does assist Diamond sponsors with limited housing on the Resort's property and reservation assistance as an added benefit. Diamond sponsors can contact jb@acpenw.org for more information.

Emailed November 23, 2017: 2017 ACPE Sponsor Update - Message 01 - Benefits Reminder, Session Proposal is Open

Thanks to our 2017 Sponsors of ACPEnw. We are sold out!
This is our first message for the 2017 Sponsorship season. It is being sent to all sponsor contacts we currently have on file. Please forward onto your team as appropriate. If you would like someone added to our list, simply reply to this email with their name and email address.

At this time, I want to point out two very important items for your consideration. 
  • Secondly, we are opening our Sponsor Partners Session/Presentation Proposals
    • Our conference only has 15 sessions available for Sponsor participation. 
    • There are over 60 sponsors so this is very competitive.
    • Sponsors can submit as many proposals as they wish. But, only one session/presentation will be selected per sponsor.
    • Link is here: http://goo.gl/forms/OG6E2TFY1P 
For all information, news, and logistics regarding your sponsorship go to the ACPE Sponsor Guide

Below is condensed version of the sponsorship benefits at all levels below. This is taken directly from the ACPE Sponsor Guide.
Please review this information and keep it handy.
  • Sponsor Showcases: Two-hour Meet and Greet with our Members
    • Gold Sponsors are scheduled for one night, 8'x8' booth size
    • Platinum are scheduled for two nights, 10'x10' booth size
    • Diamond are scheduled for two nights, 12'x10' booth size
  • Free Three-day Conference Registrations
    • Gold receive two registrations
    • Platinum receive three registrations
    • Diamond receive four registrations
  • Reduced Three-day Corporate Conference Registration Rates, $500 per registration (Strictly Limited)
    • Normal three-day corporate rate is $1,500
    • Gold receive one reduced rate registration
    • Platinum two reduced rate registration
    • Diamond four reduced rate registration
    • No one-day reduced rate option.
  • Diamond Sponsors receive two suites/condos with a total of four rooms within walking distance of the conference for two nights
    • These suites/condos can be used as hospitality suites after 9 pm.
  • Prize Giveaways
    • ACPE will take your prize donations and provided added exposure to our membership during our prize give away at the end of the conference
    • Prizes donated must have a value of more than $50
  • Sponsor Partners Sessions/Presentations
  • Advanced Publicity, Website Publication and Attendee Contact Information
    • A minimum of six pre-conference messages will go out to our membership between February 1 and May 1 that link to all of our sponsors and their sponsorship pages on the conference website
    • From January 1 to December 1, ACPE will maintain a Sponsorship link on their website to all sponsors and their sponsorship webpage.