We communicate regularly through through our sponsor guide site and email list. 
Those messages will be posted here as a record of our communications.

 If you are a sponsor and not receiving these updates via email, send jb@acpenw.org a message to have you added.

04-24 ACPE Sponsor Update: A week to go until the ACPE conference begins!

This update will be sent to two contact lists I have for sponsors so forgive me if  you get it twice. It will go to all my original contacts and all sponsor staff who are registered at this point. This is a very thorough communication for Sponsors and it is very appreciated if you read through the entire document before asking questions ;)

  1. Set up starts at 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and be ready by 5 p.m..

  2. If you are giving away any prizes over $50, they must be donated to ACPE. You cannot give away prizes over $50 from your booth. Please use our prize donation form here if you have a prize to donate: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/prizes. And, yes this does get you recognized in a big way at the end of our event.

  3. Your booths have everything you will need. Don’t make any special requests unless you need more than, free wireless internet, free carpet, free table, free cocktail table, free power. We really do want you to arrive, attend and not worry. It is a stand up event. Typically we do not provide chairs but will if you ask when you set up.

  4. We will not provide a wired connection unless it is a machine/devise requirement. Our wireless is awesome and can meet all your demands and it’s free! Special booth request are made here: http://my.acpenw.org/spon-req

  5. The member attendee list for 2018. (This will auto update with any changes or additions.)
    ACPE is providing sponsors with this 2018 membership list as a benefit of your sponsorship. However by providing this list, ACPE in no way grants you permission to send unsolicited email to anyone on this list.

    With that stated, please use restraint in sending out any messaging to this list . Using common email marketing techniques, sending blanket unsolicited emails, to this entire group will backfire on you. But those who are thoughtful and send only individually crafted messages will have good results.

    It is the case, when members perceive they are being spammed, they will look the other way and share their frustration with other members. Our members appreciate quality communications bent toward networking and building relationships over marketing.

And, finally here are some more detailed logistics to consider.

All logistics and information is at http://sponsors.acpenw.org. Please read this website. It does have the answers to the questions I get asked.

Set up for all showcases is after 2 p.m. on Wednesday and be ready by 5 p.m. Please do not enter the showcase areas early. That disrupes our set up.

Gold Showcase starts at 5:30 p.m Wednesday and ends at 7:30 p.m. Gold sponsors must have everything packed and ready for shipping out no later than 10 p..m. Wednesday night. Gold sponsors get a 8'x8' space, electricity, carpet, table and wireless internet. There's food and drinks available in the space for the entire two hours.

Platinum and Diamond showcases runs from about 8:00 to 10 p.m on both Wednesday and Thursday nights. These sponsors must have everything packed out by noon on Friday. Platinum spaces are set at 10'x10' and Diamond are more than 20x20 depending on the area. These all have electricity, carpet, tables and wireless internet. There's food, drinks and entertainment available in the space for the entire evening.

Wednesday morning activities.

If you are planning on attending any of the Wednesday morning networking activities, please make sure you have done two things first. One, get breakfast in the hotel lobby. That continental breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m. And, you have to have a badge to participate, no exceptions. Our check in registration and information table is also open starting at 7:30 a.m.

For those golfing, there is a $25 green fee payable when you arrive. Golf will start as soon as weather permits after 8:30 a.m.

All Wednesday morning activities are handled in a way that those who signed up with a preference are reserved a spot until the start time of the activity. Then it's first come first to participate based on spaces available.

2018-04-05 ACPE Sponsor Update: General info and logistics to consider

We are within 30 days of the event and there some information to share as you are getting ready as a sponsor. I am sending this message to all my contacts on file. My hope is this helps drive a conversation between all interested parties in your organization. if you do not want to receive any further messages, please reply to have me take you off my contact list at this point.

1. I have updated the maps to include all the sponsor booth selections approved by the Board yesterday. Use the link below to view the maps. Just click on the appropriate map to enlarge it and see the detail.

Maps with Sponsor Booth Locations

2. I have given fair warning to all my contacts about the lodging situation. Since you have signed up, I have let everyone know there are no rooms available at the Resort. Every room is reserved before the conference for our members and the suites are reserved for our Diamond Sponsors. Gold and Platinum Sponsors should already have a reservation at one of the other local hotels or a nearby vacation rental. If not, please use the link below to start looking. It's a tight year on space so please do not delay. As a benefit, Diamond sponsors do receive lodging for 3 nights for 4 people. I will be contacting them directly about their situation and options. Sometimes I do get emails from people with condos they want to rent during the conference that are very close to the Resort. If you want to be on a list for any of those condos, I need to know now. Just reply to this email and request to be on that list. First replies, first offers.

Sponsor Lodging Information

3. It's about that time to think about shipping things to the resort. The Resort has limited space available and requests you do your best to have things arrive after 4/21. Specific information is posted on the link below.

4. I start getting asked about set up and tear down about now. Belwo is the link from the website with all that information.

Set Up and Tear Down

5. And finally, Sponsor registration has been emailed out once. I do not post these instructions for obvious reasons. These instructions are for just the folks who are coming. Remember you are limited to how many based on your sponsorship level. This link gives you those details if you have forgotten. 

Registration Information and Limits

ACPE Sponsor Update - February 12, 2018

Things are moving right along. For this update I want to give you a sense of the timeline of events happening until the conference.

Now until the conference

1. Spruce up your sponsor page on ACPE's website.
Sponsors should go to the sponsor page (http://events.acpenw.org/acpe-2018/sponsors), login (Top right) using anyone of the available social media means to authenticate, click on your name and register as a contact. Once approved you will be able to control all the content on your page including adding the logo of your choice and all contact info you want for the conference  too.

2. The sponsor session proposals are still open until March 1 March 8! 
This is your last reminder to get them in here: https://goo.gl/forms/eNG8HGsbNCLIKdbi1. We will announce the sessions selected before April 1.

3. Booth locations are not announced until sometime after April 1. 
I will be asking for your preference after March 1 when all of the locations are completed settled. You can view the current maps here: http://events.acpenw.org/acpe-2018/explore​. Please keep in mind it is still possible these locations could change based on the Board's decisions. You will be notified after April 1 with your location and all the logistics for shipping, set and tear down.

4. Registration for Sponsor staff attending the conference will open on April 1. 
You will receive an email with a link and code you will need to access the registration system.

5. Lodging is VERY tight this year. 
If you haven't taken care of it yet, you may want to make this your priority. See lodging information and choices here: http://sponsors.acpenw.org/lodging

All Detailed Sponsor Information and benefits descriptions are posted on this website.
Really just look and surprise yourself.

January 10, 2018 Update

We, meaning me, will not have any lodging available to reserve. Only our Diamond Sponsors get lodging (only for 4) as a benefit. This year Diamond sponsors will all get one suite at the resort and a vacation rental nearby within walking distance.

If you are a Gold or Platinum sponsor there are no rooms at the Resort (it's already sold out to our members). So you should use this lodging link and start looking and get something reserved now if you want to be close in.

I will say this in every update, please look on our ACPE Sponsor Guide website for detailed information. 
I'm pretty sure any question you have regarding logistics is answered there and we update that site as new information is available. Yes, it includes set up and tear down times, etc.

Your actual booth location cannot be released until the Board meets on March 24th to discuss the booth locations. 
Before then, I will be asking you for your desired location. Placements are a combination of first fully paid and what the Board decides. 

All invoices with outstanding balances due were sent out between January 5-8. 
Please look for it and plan for payment before February 1 or there's a risk of losing your spot to those on the waiting list. If you need to make other payment arrangements please email jb@acpenw.org.

My next update will include specific directions to edit, modify and beautify your ACPE sponsor page. 
We are currently linking all members' conference communication to that page starting last month. 

Wednesday and Thursday Night's Theme: Treasure IT
Sponsors' Conference registration opens April 1, 2018

ACPE will be offering limited attendance only registrations to vendors on our sponsor waiting list.
Sponsor information, to sign up for the waiting list, and to assure future contact from ACPE visit http://sponsors.acpenw.org

Sponsor Partner Session proposals is open until March 1

There are 10 session seminars this year for ACPE sponsors. Keep in mind, we haver over 60 sponsors signed up this year making this opportunity very competitive. Clearly, not everyone who submits a proposal will have a chance to participate. The Board makes that the decision on which proposals will have the greatest impact to our members.The ACPE Board begins the review of submitted proposals on January 15 and concludes all reviews by March 15. Only sponsors with selected proposals will be notified. If you are not selected, you will not be notified. Sponsor Partner Session selection is at the sole discretion of the ACPE Board and decisions are final.